Thursday, September 15, 2005

Flagging Fanblogs

Mike Boone from Fanblogs doesn’t think much of our chances. The hype has been overwhelming, but I don’t think he is going out on limb by saying FSU is going to win. After opening as an early 1-point favorite, BC is now getting a point on most books.

Evil A and I were talking about it and agree that BC either wins a close, defensive game or gets embarrassed.

But I couldn’t just let Mike’s points go [I partially quoted Mike for space consideration. Read his story to get the full acount], so here are my counterpoints.

Fact: Boston College's offensive line is not as huge as Bobby Ross thought it was…

Counterpoint: Mike goes on to mention that Miami’s equally huge line had trouble with the ‘Noles. But there are some major differences. First, he mentions Winston, but Miami allowed a lot of the pressure from up the middle. Pat Ross is a potential All American and I think he is well equipped to handle FSU’s defensive tackles. Also, our guys are the same size as Miami’s but are a very mobile and will move and mix schemes more than the Canes usually do. If I have one worry it is about Cherilus holding up. This will be the units biggest test, but I think they’ll fare better than the Miami offensive line.

Fact: Team speed will hurt the Eagles…

Counterpoint: It will. This is nothing new for BC. FSU is fast but how much faster than the Miami and Va Tech teams that BC has faced in the past? If anything BC has narrowed the gap. And his point about Blackmon…I don’t really think Will’s ability is about speed. It is more of that elusive quality that you find in certain players. He cuts well and has good vision. He might not run away from people, but he has the ability to make everyone miss.

Fact: Weatherford is a liability for Florida State…

Counterpoint: This one really speaks to BC’s advantage. I think Mike is hedging a little here.

Fact: It is imperative for Boston College to score soon after the opening kick…

Counterpoint: As any BC fan knows, if we win the toss, we will defer. I agree that points will be precious, but I don’t really agree with Mike’s conclusion that it is impossible to score on FSU in the second half. Miami moved the ball and was one good hold away from scoring late in their game.

Fact: Florida State has been in games like this before…

Counterpoint: FSU clearly has the big game edge. But they are not invincible. Over the last five seasons seven of their 17 losses have come on the road. And while BC is known for their letdowns, TOB has been better about getting his team ready for big games the last two seasons (BC has beaten the last three ranked opponents we’ve faced).

BC is the underdog and should be. Despite the hype and the many reason FSU is favored, BC can win this game.


At 5:32 PM, Blogger Amos41 said...

I'm familiar with your stuff Bill, and its refreshing to be able to have a dialogue rather than just shouting back and forth at each other. I think that BC may have an advantage against the interior of Florida State's defensive line. Teams that can run straight ahead give FSU trouble because they negate the speed advantage.
I think this is going to be a very good game, but I'm still not sure that Boston College is better than Miami.

At 6:59 AM, Blogger said...

I think the key to this game is FSU's defense. If the 'Noles can contain & pressure, then it's going to open up the offense for the young Seminole QBs. If Florida State gets behind, then it's a completely different ballgame. I think Mike is right in so much as BC needs to score early and put FSU on the ropes, because it will limit the risks that the 'Noles take with their QBs if they're playing catchup.


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