Monday, September 12, 2011

Blogpoll Ballot

With the NFL start and some real life interference, I didn't get to see as much college football as I usually do. Since I dropped some teams that didn't lose, this is in part based by what I caught my eye. Also, I gave UCF a huge boost. While there is some BC bias there, it is mostly because I think they are good and will win their conference. Here is my take on the top 25.

Games I watched
ASU-Mizzou 20%
South Carolina-UGA 50%
BC-UCF 100% (twice)
Alabama-Penn State 25%
Michigan-Notre Dame 25%
Wake Forest-NC State 25%


Patrick said...

A reporter asked him, "What do you think is happening to the team?"

"The ship be sinking," Richardson replied.

"How far can it sink?"

"Sky's the limit."


eagleboston said...

My brother just told me he received a tweet that Rogers is taking a leave of absence due to health reasons. What a bizarre season so far.

Brock will be the OC for the time being.