Monday, December 03, 2012

Coaching update

Lots and lots of names are being floated. ESPN mentioned half a dozen NFL names this morning. There are still plenty of college names getting kicked around. This is what I know:

-- Formal interviews started Friday. Bates hinted as much on Twitter. As I posted yesterday Dave Doeren was never even called. I have no other confirmation on who was or wasn't called. I do know that earlier in the week BC did reach out to the "A" list of O'Brien, Golden and Mullen. O'Brien is not leaving Penn State. Mullen and Golden are still in the mix for multiple jobs.
-- BC told one coach's agent that they have their three finalists. This was an agent trying to get a client in the mix and was rebuffed. I don't know who the three are.
-- Bates isn't on a hard timeline but wants a coach in place and on campus for a press conference and team meeting before exams. Exams start December 13.

This is what I expect:
-- Finalists will get a meeting with Leahy this week. A deal will be done later in the week.

Current coaches
I am encouraged that current BC assistants are still working on the recruiting class. Through their work, BC picked up a commitment from Massachusetts defensive tackle Tevin Montgomery. Coach Aaron Smith is visiting committed players to keep them locked into the class. None of these guys should be forced on the new coach, but I hope Bates does his best to help them find new jobs in football.

I have no idea who the new guy will be
It was much easier to handicap the field when Gene was around. He was predictable and there were plenty of people around BC who liked to talk. Bates changes all of that for most observers and reporters. But I am impressed with his thoroughness, commitment to a process and not getting distracted by what others are doing.

Process is good, but it doesn't help those who want answers. I am more confident in which guys it won't be. But as of right now (just after midnight) I would guess it is either Lembo, Sullivan or Diaco. But who knows? As always I will share what I know when I know it. Stay tuned.


EL MIZ said...

Schefter said on ESPN that Roman also was interested in the job.

ever since my colleague and BC Alum HARIO mentioned that Lembo looks like Levy from the Wire i haven't liked him. the guy has zero big-time college football experience -- he played at GTown and has coached at Albany, Dartmouth, Lehigh, Elon, and Ball State? he is 6-6 and 9-3 in his 2 years in the MAC? what am i missing here? why is this guy even a candidate?

Sullivan is interesting -- former Army Ranger and was with the Giants for a while. is Hazell not even getting considered?

i'd rank my list as: Diaco, Roman, Sullivan, Hazell.

Hario said...

I'd honestly just like to know more about Lembo at this point and where the hype is coming from. If I should be excited about him for a hire I'd like to know why and would happily get pumped over the potential hire.

My list is: Diaco, Roman, Hazell (doesnt really seem like a candidate) and Sullivan

BigJohnny Stolberg said...

Diaco, Roman...

TheFive said...

If that's really the list of the three finalists, Bates has done no better than Gene. That's an embarrassing list and better not be true.

AA said...

What an absolute disappointment! If that is the best BC can do, then we should drop back to the Big East.

On the plus side, at least Tranquill isnt a finalist

Joseph said...

Why is it that BC is stuck with total incompetance? Imagine, another AD that has no clue about the job.

we make our own movies said...

ATL- Can you explain why you find Lembo so appealing? What am I missing in his background?

Lally said...

Why do people already know that these candidates are bad? What makes them so bad? Who or what qualities do you think would make for a good candidate?

Eagle in Brighton said...

AA: troll harder.

Diaco, if not a home run hire, would be a standup triple.

On the whole, pleased with BB's approach to the hiring process.

Soxx22 said...

I'm very happy that Diaco is a finalist - means that he is interesting in the job not just us interested in him. I don't know a ton about Sullivan but what i've heard i've liked. I don't get why Lembo is being considered. Maybe he would end up being a good coach but i don't see the great resume that i would expect from a small school coach. Hazell seems like a better option. I hope that we're still in on Golden. Could be that he's waiting to see if Tenn will offer and if not then maybe he'll jump to us.

notfadeaway said...

Why does everyone like Diaco? He is a weird, socially awkward guy that I don't think will translate well into a head coach. He shuns media attention and is a defensive minded coach. Everyone says he is a great recruiter, but how hard is it to recruit to ND. I urge you to go listen to his press conferences. You may not be fired up after you listen. I certainly wasn't...

EL MIZ said...

notfadeaway -- here is one reason why I like Diaco: ND is in the championship because of the Defense he oversees.

here's an interview with him after practice:

he doesn't seem awkward or weird to me, even though this line continues to be parroted over and over again.

also, it is hard to recruit at ND -- the school is in the middle of nowhere, there is nothing to do on campus or in the general vicinity, and there are academic restrictions. plus the co-eds - LOL. its not like he's at Florida or Texas.

i think Diaco would be a huge get for us. still don't think Golden or O'Brien are realistic options, as BC would be a step-down prestige-wise for both. (and O'Brien has a huge payout, who is footing that bill?)

BCAlum2000 said...

The Ball St guy is a horrible option. Diaco is good, but again unproven at the head coach level. That said, he is young and truly did turn around what used to be a horrible defensive program at ND. I am not a big fan of the NFL assistant coach thing. I am less worried about them using the job as an audition for an NFL head coaching job and more worried about the lack of experience recruiting. These guys do NOT like recruiting. They like coaching. I think Golden would be the absolute ideal at this point but agree that it is a long shot. O'Brien is out. His agent has basically said as much.

Hario said...

Yea I'm with MIZ in that I havent noticed anything too bad with Diaco being weird. Plus at the end of the day I'm much more concerned with our next coaches ability to relate to and motivate 18-22 year old players... not media heads.

Easy or hard he is has been known as a good recruiter and has had to deal with academic restrictions at ND and has been well liked by players

There are def question marks as to if he is ready to be a HC but so far he excites me as a fan far more than say Lembo does (seriously am I missing something??)

notfadeaway -- do you have a wish list?

AA said...

Just hire Hazell and be done with it. No doubt BC gets back to 8-4 seasons within a few years. The learning curve for Diaco would be too steep. BC doesnt have one player who could start for NDs defense this year.

Soxx22 said...

AA -- that's why you hire Diaco - he's the best recruiter of the guys we're talking about. if we hire him then our roster is better in two years. As long as he brings in a good OC we'll be in good shape.

FWRR said...

What exactly do you guys not like about Lembo? His coaching history? You realize Brian Kelly's history looked exactly the same when he took the job at Cincinnati. He's a young, up-and-coming coach. He seems pretty good in front of a camera. And he has the head coaching experience we know Bates is looking for.

Diaco has recruited successfully at Notre Dame. Bollman was recruiting 4-5 stars at Ohio St too...has he been a home run recruiter for us this year? People get all over Gene for hiring one of the best defensive coordinators in the country who was bad in front of the camera in 2008 and now you want Bates to do the same thing?

Nothing to say either way about Sullivan, but from what I've heard I wouldn't be unhappy with the hire.

Doornekamp! said...

FWRR - Kelly won something like 10 championships, including 2 national championships. Also, the Big East, MAC, etc. Lembo - 2 (Patriot League). There is no comparison. Also, not sure what you are basing your "bad in front of the camera" statement on. Diaco comes across as thoughtful and intelligent to me.

BCAlum2000 said...

Kelly had a track record before Cinci and then turned that nothing program into a BCS team (albeit in a terrible conference). The Ball St guy has been a coach at that garbage school in some garbage conference for only a handful of years and even then has only managed to have what a 9-3 season as his best? Its a terrible idea. The guy's next move should be to a MAC or Big Least school and prove himself there for a couple years and then he might be ready for the big time.

Joseph said...

This, from Soaring to Glory, says what I feel but so much better.

Take heart. "Ever to excel" is achievable.

AA said...

Great link, I just dont know why this is dragging out. As a "non name brand program", BC should have been first to fire their coach and first to offer jobs to others. It puts pressure on the candidate. In the case of the MAC guys, BC is a clear step up...thouugh probably not the job they are hoping for (Tenn, Aub, etc.) By offering the job first you force your top choice to make a decision...take the bird in hand (BC) or gamble that you will get a major job.

Right now, BC is competing heads up with some powerful programs.

And not for one minute did I think BOB, Golden or Mullen would come to Chestnut HIll.

I think Bates has some GDF in him. Not at all impressed

FWRR said...


Ball State is in the his next move should be to another MAC school? He was 6-6 last year and 9-3 this season.

Brian Kelly at Central Michigan

2004 - 4-7
2005- 6-5
2006- 9-4

BCAlum2000 said...

Good correction on Ball St. They did recently move to the MAC. That said, yes, his next move should be to a better MAC school or to somewhere like Cinci. As for Kelly, you just showed that he did indeed build up Central Michigan before then building up Cincinnati and now building up Notre Dame. He had a track record. What track record does the Ball St guy have? BTW, did I mention that before we hired Spaz, Kelly, a New England native, was actively pursuing the opening? Great job Gene.

Hario said...

My question was asking why should I be excited about Pete Lembo... Brian Kelly's resume before taking the Cincinnati job really isn't much of an answer (maybe I would not have been excited about Kelly if he wanted BC job after his stint in Central michigan and might have been wrong)

But That really doesn't tell me why I should be excited about Lembo right now in 2012 for Boston Colleg

FWRR said...

Please look up something before you post it. Ball State has been in the MAC since 1973.

You're putting BC on the same level as Notre Dame. BC is closer to Cincy when Kelly was hired. BCS conference and a stepping stone job.

FWRR said...

And Hario exactly my point..I'm just saying that it's ridiculous to write off this guy because his resume isn't as sexy. There's a lot more that Bate's should factor in, and I hope he is.

Joseph said...

How many posters here have ever had extensive conversations with any of the candidates to "take the true measure of the man". As has been said there is more to hiring than a man's record. There are extenuating circumstances and limitations to operations that can greatly alter perceptions gained from cold facts( or so-called facts). It is fairly obvious that Bates is a thoughtful guy and will consider this very carefully. The University has already signaled a much greater commitment.

BCAlum2000 said...

No idiot, BC is not closer to Cinci before Kelly was hired as Cinci was a perennial doormat in the mold of a Ball St or a Buffalo. Want to know about the downside of hiring a guy from a garbage school in a garbage conference with no history? Ask Turner Gill, who unlike the Ball St guy, actually did spend time and truly turn around a dead program much like Golden did at Temple. I ask again, what has the guy at Ball St done? He has been there for a couple years and his best year to show is 9-3. It would be a terrible hire. Kelly proved himself at two programs and actually stepped up from Central MI to Cinci and then on to ND. This Ball State person has stepped up from where exactly? He has accomplished what exactly? Hiring this scrub would not only further alienate the alumni/fans, it would not help a bit with recruiting either. The guy is a waste of a candidate. BC is much better off hiring an NFL coordinator as at least that would bring some buzz and excitement. You want to look at the loser at Ball St, at least then hire the guy from Kent St, who at a slightly better school managed to have then ranked for a good part of the year and led them to double digit wins.

Benjamin said...

I'm slightly confused by the influx of new commenters in this such who seemingly come on to bad mouth BC.

AA, FWRR - why are you so intent on claiming that BC is such a terrible program that is only a step above a MAC school? Is it because we've had a down period?

For those that claim BC is no better than a MAC school, and that we're closer to Cincy than ND, please attempt to justify this in BC's total football history, or at least context of the 2000's. It's short-sighted to claim that we're only slightly better than MAC programs.

And for those claiming BC should know it's place, and not go for the big hire, that we should end this process now because we're not "brand name," and that we will never amount to anything:

I don't care if it takes Brad Bates two days or two weeks. I want him to get us a coach that knows BC can and will win under him. BC may not be "brand name" (which I disagree with), but it is the name and institution I chose to associate with. And I want it to be the best. Ever to Excel.

BCAlum2000 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
BCAlum2000 said...

Brian Kelly won back-to-back national championships at DII Grand Valley State in 2002 and 2003.

He then won 4, 6, and 9 games in 2004, 2005 and 2006, respectively at Central MI. How did Central Michigan do before he got there? They won 4, 3, and 4 games in 2002, 2003, and 2004, respectively.

He then won 10, 11 and 12 games in 2007, 2008, and 2009, respectively at Cincinnati. Cincinnati won 7 games in 2002 (pre Big East), 5 in 2003 (pre Big East), 7 in 2004 (pre Big East), 4 in 2005 (pre Big East), and 7 in 2006 (Big East).

That is a track record of achievement turning garbage programs into winners and stepping up to progressively bigger challenges. Again, what has the Ball State coach achieved?

BCAlum2000 said...

Cincinnati's all-time record is 556-553-50 (.501), good for 76th place overall.

BC's all-time record is 635-443-37 (.586). good for 32nd place overall.

The 10 years before Spaz was hired, BC averaged 8.8 wins a year.

The 10 years before Kelly was hired, Cincinnati averaged 5.8 wins.

Again, you are an idiot.

Benjamin said...

Can we clarify who you are calling out?

FWRR said...

Ball State was 2-10 in 2009 and 4-8 in 2010. He got them to 9 wins in his 2nd season. You said CMU won 4 games the year before Kelly got there?

And what does all-time winning percentage have to do with anything? Absolutely nothing. BC will never be a destination job for mid-40s coach (unless we get our own version of Pat Fitzgerald). It won't be for Diaco. It won't be for Lembo. and it wouldn't have been for Kelly. That's how I'm comparing BC and Cincy.

BCAlum2000 said...

You said "BC is closer to Cincy when Kelly was hired". I just proved you are a nitwit.

AA said...

BC (my alma mater) is a clear step up from all BE and MAC schools. However, it is a clear step down from schools in other power conferences. All things considered, a coach will always take the better job. This year, those jobs are Aub, Tenn, Ark, etc.

BCs only chance to get out in front was to fire Spaz in October and then begin searching. That way, BC could be the first school to offer Dorern (sp) a position. Instead now BC is one of many jobs open.

I think Bates, trying to be super nice, made a strategic blunder. I just hope we get a great coach.

FWRR said...

I said it's closer to Cincy when Kelly was than it is to Notre Dame. Cincy was a step up from the MAC. He had a clear route to the BCS and it was obviously not a destination job, just like BC now. Again, Cincy was coming off some pretty poor seasons, just like BC now. And you're calling me a nitwit for saying BC isn't Notre Dame?

BCAlum2000 said...

Cincinnati has always been poor. It is a perennial also-ran that had one 10 win season before Kelly came along (1951). Additionally, Kelly joined the year after Cincinnati joined the Big Least, a conference that was gutted and its BCS tie-in was in doubt. Cincinnati is not even remotely the same as BC even after the years of damage inflicted by Spaz.

AA said...

As much as I hate to admit it....check out the power (sagar in or others) rankings for the last five years. Cindy is very much like BC. Maybe a quarter step down

EL MIZ said...

LOL do we really need a comparison of BC vis a vis Cincinnati when they hired Kelly?

let's just compare Kelly vs. Lembo:

Kelly upon accepting Cincy job:
12 years at Grand Valley State (118-35). Won 2 out of the 3 championship games he appeared in. eliminated in the first round times.

went to Cent'l Michigan and went 4-7, 6-5, and then 9-4 (7-1 in conference).

5 years at Lehigh. 5 years at Elon. combined 79-36. 0 championships, 0 championship appearances, 2 first round exits and 1 quarterfinal exit.

2 years in MAC going 6-6, 9-3 (6-2 in conference).

kelly won 40 more games and 2 championships in D2, and then had an extra year in the MAC.

if Lembo is the next Kelly, great, I hope Bates hires him. but Kelly had accomplished much more when Cincy hired him than when BC would be hiring Lembo.

had Bates rushed into a hire i'm sure some would say he should have taken his time. now that he is being thorough people are saying he can't be left in the dust. its lose-lose; either way there will be haters.

also, are jobs like Auburn and Tennessee really that much "better" than BC? ostensibly they are higher paying and more prestigious, but Chizik just got fired 2 years after winning a national championship! those schools are about 1000x more stressful than the low stress job of BC, where you don't even have a beat reporter who covers the team regularly, the fans are generally happy with 8-9 wins with an occasional conference championship appearance, and the pay is almost as good.

i am still crossing my fingers for Diaco.

Hario said...

Agreed El Miz.... what is the point of comparing Cincy when brian kelly was hired to BC now? Who cares

We want the best coach available now. As el miz shows Lembo's resume is not as good as kelly's if you are trying to say he is the next brian kelly and even if it was there is no guarantee he will be just as good.

My question is Diacho v. Lembo v. Hazell v. Roman (v. golden if available)

There is at least one or two things to get excited about Diacho or Hazell or Roman... what are those one or two things about Lembo was my question?

ToTheHeights said...

I support Brad Bates in his search to find the best coach for BC (PERIOD)

Any whining beyond that (particularly the whining in these comments) is just plain stupid.

Wahhhh! BC is not a destination job! Wahhhh! Bates is taking too much time! Wahhh!

Am I going to really be upset if BC gets a coach who elevates the program to 10 wins/Orange Bowl and bails for an NFL or SEC job?

I want a winner that is right for BC. I don't care where he comes from. I don't care how much or how little he is making now. I don't even care if he has ever been a college coach before.

The names being floated are all up-and-coming guys looking for a chance to make it. For that I am happy.

Mr Bates, take your time and find me a winner.

EL MIZ said...

agree with To The Heights 100%. just find a good coach.

notfadeaway said...

My wish list is Wilder. Check out this video:

want this guy. Lots of links but included one I liked. Well spoken. Proven performer. Energetic. Northeast ties (coached at Maine). I would take a chance on his recruiting. He's who we should bet on...

Diaco is all resume.

Hazell seems like he checks a lot of boxes. I'd love Golden. Roman maybe third. I worry about taking a chance on an assistant at a big name program. I also worry about the pro guys who haven't had to

mod10aeagle said...


"are jobs like Auburn and Tennessee really that much "better" than BC?"

To normal human beings, hell no, and for more than just the reasons you mention. However, coaches aren't normal. The facts that the local media doesn't care, the fans and administration have no expectations, let alone demands, of contending for national championships, etc., are detractors, maybe even deal-breakers for just about any successful coach under the age of 55.

Can you imagine the lead sports writer in Tuscaloosa, South Bend, Columbus, or any of the top 20 towns getting away with the kind of column Dan Shaughnessey wrote in the Boston Globe last week (basically, "BC Fires Coach: who cares?")?

Ry said...
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Ry said...

Deadspin nailed it

notfadeaway said...

Deadspin totally nailed it

dixieagle said...

Agreed... just find the best coach for B.C.

As far as places like Auburn being "better jobs"; it's all in your perspective. While coaching in the SEC may be regarded as the Holy Grail of college coachdom, the Auburn job is brutal. As long as Nick Saban is at Alabama and winning (and I don't see that changing anytime soon) the Auburn coach will be compared to him; while the $$$ is great, you need a very thick hide and nerves of steel. It is still amazing to me that they have fallen so far so fast after the national championship 2 years ago.

Tex Strayhand said...

I can tell you this. I read earlier about a guy named Strayhand. I knew he didn't exist. Now I'm reading about Kelly who isn't even in the race. What's Kelly got to do with anything? You ain't going to get another Kelly (or Kelley?). Be happy with what you get. Give the AD a chance. Support his choice. I'm sure he's going to pick who he thinks is best. Time will tell. Many of youse ain't being realistic when you says one coach is better than the utter. You just don't know now.

notfadeaway said...

We gave the last AD a chance and look where that landed us...

Tex Strayhand said...

Actually the former AD was a loser from the Gitgo - he hired no good coaches as Ned pointed out. This new AD we don't know nothing about. If he hires a coach who's a loser then we'll know two things: we'll have to suffer with him for four years and we will know the AD is a loser. Then 4 years down the road maybe he will have learned his lesson and when he hires the next coach and he turns out to be a loser then by the end of Hillary's first term we can fire him and give the AD a third try.

JBQ said...

It's call in the hands of Bates (hopefully not the roach motel) and Leahy. Let's hope and pray for the best.

Joseph said...

what exactly do you mean by "We gave the last AD a chance and look where that landed us..."? Another petition" A coup? Storm the heights? This kind of comment is far beyond my understanding. Lots of super emotional non-rational posters here. It is great to have opinions, but if you are not in a position of responsibility, in this situation ,they are not worth much.

Kevin A said...

Wasnt belichick a socially awkward, defensive minded coach when he took over for the patriots? And I understand diaco can spot and land talent.

Kevin A said...

Wasnt belichick a socially awkward, defensive minded coach when he took over for the patriots? And I understand diaco can spot and land talent.

Big Jack Krack said...

I'll tell you one thing. If I were the Boston College AD, I would have a ball promoting my football program - and all of my sports.

And I would gain the respect and the buy-in of the neighbors - or some reasonable facsimile thereof.

Brad Bates has a tremendous job.

I am awaiting his announcement for Head Coach of Football - and then I plan to enjoy the possibilities going forward.

Let's go BC.

Big Jack Krack said...

After the Virginia Tech game, my wife and I returned to the Marriott Custom House to freshen up and walk to the North End for dinner.

When I walked out the door on State Street, I immediately broke into a smile, because I recognized the sound coming from the Faneuil Hall Christmas Tree lighting festivities.

The Boston Pops Brass playing Sleigh Ride!

Take that Tuscaloosa and South Bend.

Trouble selling Boston College and Boston? Give me a break.

Brad Bates will get us a good fit because there are many coaches looking for this type of job. Simply a match up situation for our AD.

Go BC!

Thomas said...

FWIW - WEEI's Jon Meterparel tweeted that the job is Golden's to turn down and Diaco is choice #2

Knucklehead said...

Golden would be an incredible get.

Thanks Big,
I was saying the same thing yesterday. Especially if we ante up and start paying 2 mill. They BC job becomes an almost unturndownable.

BCAlum2000 said...

Regarding Golden and Diaco. I would be happy with either but especially Golden. After O'Brien at PSU, I can think of few better fits for the BC job.

Knucklehead said...
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Knucklehead said...

You bite.
The school is increasing the pay for hed coach by 100% going into this coaching search, according to sources here.

There is NOW WAY IN HELL that Bates rushes into a hire.
First of all, BC is not going after the same candidates as Tenn, Auburn, NC State. Those are scumbag schools that we are philosophically opposed to. Second of all Brad Bates' ass is on the line with this hire. He is not going to rush into his first move as the AD.

Golden, Roman or Diaco will turn the program around in 2 years because Boston College is Boston College. The schools sells itself to future employees and student athletes. A 2 million dollar commitment to the HC makes the place almost undeniable.

Alot of people here do not realize HOW INCOMPETENT the last two coaches at BC have been. Jags was a CON ARTIST. Spaz was completely in over his head.

Just give me coach who has been vetted properly and I guarantee that we are bowl bound in 2 years.

dixieagle said...

I've been in both Auburn and Tuscaloosa; not exactly hotbeds of culture, though each has its charms...sort of. The Boston Pops, symphony, ballet, North End, top restaurants, architecture, amazing history... not among them.

Were I a college coach or assistant offered $2 mil or thereabouts to coach in Chestnut Hill - given the kind of kids BC attracts and the program's past successes, despite the recent unpleasantness - I would think I had died and gone straight to heaven.

AA said...

Ah yes, the Boston Pops. How could I forget? Mthats what most 18 year old recruits are interested in.

As opposed to Tenn, Aub, where they send legions of tall blondes to "welcome" recruits during their official visit.

BCAlum2000 said...

You dumbass, the culture, etc. of Boston while a semi-draw to recruits, was mentioned because of its draw to a top-level coach. Forgetting about the Boston Pops for a second, if you were offered $2 million a year for employment, where would you rather live and work, a world-class city like Boston with a million different things to do, see, places to eat, culture, etc. or live in frickin Knoxville, TN?

Joseph said...

AA must have really gone to an SEC school.